Gorgeous Garden

 Steps To A Gorgeous Garden

Starting a beautiful garden can be one of the most rewarding experiences that you can experience. It does not matter whether you are planting a plant that sprouts flowers, fruits, or if you are starting a vegetable garden, all of you can benefit from getting their hands dirty with some soil. It can be a little trying when you start out. There are some steps that can ease you into your garden and also reward you for all of your efforts with some spectacular visuals, colorful blooming flowers and also some delicious fruits and vegetables.

–    You should consider all your options before you make any sort of decision. What do you want? A herb garden, a vegetable garden, a flower garden, some trees that sprout fruits? Whatever you want you need, you should understand that your choice will require a lot of effort and attention from your side. A piece of advice to amateurs would be to start small until you know what exactly you are getting yourself into.

–    You have to be precise in picking the right spot. Almost all fruits and vegetables will require at least 6-8 hours of full sunlight each day. You have to keep an eye on that piece of land that you will use for the garden, every day. You will not be able to grow tomatoes in shady areas. Make sure to pick a relatively flat piece of land because it is difficult and also time-consuming to deal with a sloping garden; it will also prove to be expensive.

–    You need to clear the ground. You should start getting rid of the sod that is covering the area of your choice. If you are expecting quick results, you should cut out the sod with a spade. Cut the sods into sections in order to make it easier to remove, then be sure to put it on a compost pile so that it can decompose. You will find that it is a lot easier to smother the grass with some newspapers, but it indeed takes a little longer. It is imperative to spread a 3-inch layer of compost.

should cut

–    Improve the quality of the soil. The spoil should be more fertile and also friable. If this is the case, the vegetable will grow really well. Healthy soil is one of the best things to happen to whatever you are planning to grow. It would be a good idea to have your soil tested before you start planting any seeds. After getting the results, you can have them analyzed and then take the necessary precautions and actions.

–    Finally, take your pick at whatever plants you want to grow there. Cucumbers, lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, sunflowers, etc. all are good options.

lawn Maintenance

Some Amazing Lawn Maintenance Tips For Your Garden

Lawn can be something that you’re very proud of. The maintenance of a lawn can be trying. They always need water; they need mowing and mowing can take a lot of time. Below, I have listed out some tips and tricks that you can use to have the perfect lawn and the perfect garden that all your friends, family and neighbors and envious of.

Use some newspapers to block out weeds. Do not waste money on some expensive weed blocking cloth. Instead of doing that you can take the newspaper and spread it out where ever you are hoping to block the weeds or wherever you want to start a garden. Put some dirt and mulch or some grass clippings on the top to keep in the newspaper in its place and also to smother the weeds.

Tips For Your Garden

A DIY weed killer can be something like a baking soda recipe. Another recipe dictates that vinegar, dish soap and also some salt should help. Hand pulling is the old and tested way, but it sure is tiresome and time-consuming.

If you want to keep clumps of grass clipping from clinging onto your mower blades, you should try applying some cooking spray on the blades before using your mower. If you need to turn your mower over in order to spray the cooking spray, you need to make sure that the gas tank is empty. Otherwise, you will be dealing with some spilt gas, and you will have to clean it up.

Toss some seeds in an incredibly sunny spot just to see what happens. An instance that happened was in Halloween; some people tossed out some pumpkin seeds to our yard and the later a pumpkin patch sprouted in the same spot. This can happen if you have some free pieces of land.

sunny spot

You may enjoy the smell of coffee, but apparently, animals do not. Most experts recommend sprinkling some coffee grounds in your beautiful garden; this can keep the critters away. They also act as a proper fertilizer. Another repellant can be citrus peels.

Create a sharp but safe surface to keep out all critters out of the gardens. Place some plastic forks in the ground around the seedlings. Another way would be to gather up some pine cones and utilize them as mulch. No cats or dogs will ruin your garden anymore, and they won’t be harmed either.

Repurpose for the seedling starters. You need not have to buy any little pots to start any new seedlings. You can utilize empty cartons of eggs; even toilet paper tubs even hollowed-out orange peels as a pot. When you are ready to plant the seedlings into the ground, the bio-degradable seedling starter pots can and will go into the dirt as well.

How To Choose The Right Seeds For A Healthy Lawn

When it comes to picking the right kind of lawn, many people can go wrong if they don’t have the right kind of direction. That is why it is imperative that you research enough online, consult some experts and then make a well-informed decision. Below is a list of seeds that you should consider when growing a lawn.

Growing a lawn from seeds appears to be an affordable option, and many do indeed choose this. This is effective, especially for smaller lawns. Success inevitably hinges on the selection of the best grass seed for your exact situation. The turfgrass breeders make amazing strides every year; therefore, it is worthwhile to conduct some research to uncover all available options. You should always make sure to buy top-quality seeds because you will soon realize that it is worth the investment.

Right Seeds

Before you go and spend a lot of money on some grass seed, you should get your soil checked by some professionals. You can choose the ideal grass seed and grow a lackluster lawn if and when your soil pH is incorrect. Most of the turf grasses usually thrive in well-aerated soil with some acidic pH, somewhere between 6 and 7.5. It is advised that you buy a soil test kit. Grass typically falls into two categories, which would be a cool season and warm season. The warm season grasses are the kind that grows in countries that are warm.  Warm season grasses are the ones that achieve their peak growth when summer hits the stride; these surely require full sunlight to thrive.

It is very essential to consider how much of wear and tear your lawn might experience when you select a grass seed. If you do have a family with some young children, who love to go out and play and enjoy the summer in a pool or a lawn, opt for a type of grass other than fine fescue, because this one does not stand up to foot traffic. The Kentucky bluegrass is the turf of choice for all the athletic fields, and you will be delighted to know that it is self mending. When and if damage causes bald spots, the turf can creep in to fill the holes. The Kentucky bluegrass can surely be more demanding when it comes to caring because it needs more mowing, fertilizing and also watering to look the best. Consider the irrigation needs of the grass when you choose your grass seed itself. If you live in a city where you are subject to any sorts of droughts or any water restrictions you should select a grass like tall fescue or buffalo grass.

Follow this post to have the best results when it comes to choosing the right lawn.

Gardening Hacks

Gardening Hacks That All Gardeners Need To Know

Your garden is that green paradise that you love to maintain. It’s a place you go to leave behind all your worries, a place where you can breathe in clean air and decompress. Below I have listed down some hacks that you glance through; these are pretty clever and easy, which will prove to be useful in one way or another.

Hack 1:

A self-watering wine bottle planter is one where you fit in terracotta stakes with a wine bottle which is filled with water and is firmly stuck in the soil of the pot. As and when the terracotta absorbs water, it will slowly rush into the soil and by doing so keep the plant’s roots moist.

Hack 2:

This is a fantastic hack which can be implemented with the help of a milk jug. All you have to do is punch tiny holes in the cap of the milk jug using a divider or a needle. This will sprinkle the water evenly and adequately to the plant.

Hack 3:

Utilize cinnamon powder on seedlings in order to prevent diseases. Cinnamon has many anti-fungal qualities, and it also smells great as a bonus. It even has disease-preventing capabilities.


Hack 4:

Utilize some coffee grounds to keep all the pests away. Snails, slugs, ants, etc. will all be repelled by this.

Hack 5:

Use some citrus peels to start seeds. Poke a hole in the bottom of a peel for the drainage and fill it with some potting soil. Sow the seed and sprinkle it with some water. When and if the seedling is ready for transplantation, plant it in a garden directly or even in a container with the above peel. The peel will eventually decompose and also nourish the young plant as it starts growing.

Hack 6:

Consider using eggshells for the prevention of pests. A way to protect your plants against pests like snails, slugs, rats, etc. would be to crumble up egg shells which form an effective barrier against annoying creatures like slugs that indeed eat your plants.

Need To Know

Hack 7:

When going on vacation for a couple of days, there is a way to keep your plants watered. Roll up some paper towels as tight as you possibly can without tearing them. Dip one end of it in a tub or glass of water and lay the remaining across the soil. This way, each plant is at least a couple of inches away and will have enough water throughout the span of your trip.

Hopefully, these tips have enlightened you as to how you can maintain your garden with the help of a couple of hacks and clever tricks.