Gardening Hacks

Gardening Hacks That All Gardeners Need To Know

Your garden is that green paradise that you love to maintain. It’s a place you go to leave behind all your worries, a place where you can breathe in clean air and decompress. Below I have listed down some hacks that you glance through; these are pretty clever and easy, which will prove to be useful in one way or another.

Hack 1:

A self-watering wine bottle planter is one where you fit in terracotta stakes with a wine bottle which is filled with water and is firmly stuck in the soil of the pot. As and when the terracotta absorbs water, it will slowly rush into the soil and by doing so keep the plant’s roots moist.

Hack 2:

This is a fantastic hack which can be implemented with the help of a milk jug. All you have to do is punch tiny holes in the cap of the milk jug using a divider or a needle. This will sprinkle the water evenly and adequately to the plant.

Hack 3:

Utilize cinnamon powder on seedlings in order to prevent diseases. Cinnamon has many anti-fungal qualities, and it also smells great as a bonus. It even has disease-preventing capabilities.


Hack 4:

Utilize some coffee grounds to keep all the pests away. Snails, slugs, ants, etc. will all be repelled by this.

Hack 5:

Use some citrus peels to start seeds. Poke a hole in the bottom of a peel for the drainage and fill it with some potting soil. Sow the seed and sprinkle it with some water. When and if the seedling is ready for transplantation, plant it in a garden directly or even in a container with the above peel. The peel will eventually decompose and also nourish the young plant as it starts growing.

Hack 6:

Consider using eggshells for the prevention of pests. A way to protect your plants against pests like snails, slugs, rats, etc. would be to crumble up egg shells which form an effective barrier against annoying creatures like slugs that indeed eat your plants.

Need To Know

Hack 7:

When going on vacation for a couple of days, there is a way to keep your plants watered. Roll up some paper towels as tight as you possibly can without tearing them. Dip one end of it in a tub or glass of water and lay the remaining across the soil. This way, each plant is at least a couple of inches away and will have enough water throughout the span of your trip.

Hopefully, these tips have enlightened you as to how you can maintain your garden with the help of a couple of hacks and clever tricks.