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Some Amazing Lawn Maintenance Tips For Your Garden

Lawn can be something that you’re very proud of. The maintenance of a lawn can be trying. They always need water; they need mowing and mowing can take a lot of time. Below, I have listed out some tips and tricks that you can use to have the perfect lawn and the perfect garden that all your friends, family and neighbors and envious of.

Use some newspapers to block out weeds. Do not waste money on some expensive weed blocking cloth. Instead of doing that you can take the newspaper and spread it out where ever you are hoping to block the weeds or wherever you want to start a garden. Put some dirt and mulch or some grass clippings on the top to keep in the newspaper in its place and also to smother the weeds.

Tips For Your Garden

A DIY weed killer can be something like a baking soda recipe. Another recipe dictates that vinegar, dish soap and also some salt should help. Hand pulling is the old and tested way, but it sure is tiresome and time-consuming.

If you want to keep clumps of grass clipping from clinging onto your mower blades, you should try applying some cooking spray on the blades before using your mower. If you need to turn your mower over in order to spray the cooking spray, you need to make sure that the gas tank is empty. Otherwise, you will be dealing with some spilt gas, and you will have to clean it up.

Toss some seeds in an incredibly sunny spot just to see what happens. An instance that happened was in Halloween; some people tossed out some pumpkin seeds to our yard and the later a pumpkin patch sprouted in the same spot. This can happen if you have some free pieces of land.

sunny spot

You may enjoy the smell of coffee, but apparently, animals do not. Most experts recommend sprinkling some coffee grounds in your beautiful garden; this can keep the critters away. They also act as a proper fertilizer. Another repellant can be citrus peels.

Create a sharp but safe surface to keep out all critters out of the gardens. Place some plastic forks in the ground around the seedlings. Another way would be to gather up some pine cones and utilize them as mulch. No cats or dogs will ruin your garden anymore, and they won’t be harmed either.

Repurpose for the seedling starters. You need not have to buy any little pots to start any new seedlings. You can utilize empty cartons of eggs; even toilet paper tubs even hollowed-out orange peels as a pot. When you are ready to plant the seedlings into the ground, the bio-degradable seedling starter pots can and will go into the dirt as well.